Have you been wondering if your direct mail pieces are effective? Are you curious as to who is actually paying attention to those postcards? Do you need proof that your direct mail pieces are driving sales or increasing brand awareness?

QR codes are one of the easiest and most effective ways to track engagement with and effectiveness of a direct mail piece. They are easy to create and easy for recipients to use, since most people have built in scanners on their smartphones.

Not sure how to incorporate QR Codes into your next mailing? Try one of these ideas:

To RSVP to an event. Whether the event is online or in person, a mailed invitation will grab recipients’ attention much faster than an emailed one. Make it easier to RSVP by including a QR code that leads them directly to an RSVP or registration page.

To build your email list. The rules surrounding email marketing are much stricter than those surrounding direct mail marketing. If you’re looking for a way to legally grow your email list, consider sending a mailer promoting something valuable and free. In order to claim that something, recipients just scan the QR code and enter their email address. Now you’ve got a list of opted-in emails you can start sending to on a regular basis.

To drive traffic to a video. Videos often take quite a bit of time to create, edit and publish. If you don’t have a large audience following you on YouTube (or another video streaming service) it can be frustrating to spend all that time on something that doesn’t get many views. Help increase visibility and drive traffic by sending a mailer that gives a written teaser about the video, and includes a QR code that people can scan to instantly watch the whole thing.

To make purchasing easier. When you send a mailer promoting a product, or several products, make it easy for recipients to purchase by putting a QR code that leads directly to your online store, specifically to the page where they can purchase those items quickly and easily.

To give directions. This is especially helpful for restaurants or any brick and mortar store that wants to get feet in the door. Connect your QR code to Google Maps or some other common map app so recipients can scan and get instant directions to your location.

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