For years, "The Dot Connects" has been more than a mere catchphrase at The Dot Corp—it's been a guiding principle that reflects how the company strives to connect clients with a wide array of solutions. But now, that sentiment is expanding beyond the business realm, as The Dot takes a step forward to connect not only with business partners but also with the communities where its employees live and work.
On September 1st, 2022, a remarkable initiative was launched—the "Bridge" program, formerly known as "The Dot Connects." In a heartfelt message to all employees, the President of The Dot Corp conveyed the company's vision to extend its reach beyond business interactions and make a positive impact on the local communities. This program seeks to amplify the essence of connecting by fostering engagement, giving, and support for charitable causes close to employees' hearts.
The Bridge Program: A Glimpse into the Initiative
The Bridge program was devised with a simple yet profound goal—to channel resources towards charitable organizations in a way that resonates with The Dot's core values. Under this program, every employee is encouraged to volunteer their time for a charitable cause they believe in. For every hour of volunteer time, The Dot Corp pledges to donate $15, with a cap of 20 hours per year ($300 per employee, per year). This initiative is a way for employees to amplify their impact and support the causes they hold dear.
Beyond Individual Efforts
The Bridge program not only encourages individual contributions but also extends its impact through company-wide events. The Dot Corp is committed to organizing two such events annually, allowing every team member to engage and support the community collectively.
Embracing the Spirit of Connection and Giving
As The Dot Corp embarks on this journey of connection with its communities, the essence of unity, generosity, and social responsibility comes to the forefront. The program resonates deeply with the company's belief that sharing blessings through giving can truly make a difference. By participating in the Bridge program, employees become a tangible part of The Dot's mission to connect and uplift.
A Guiding Path to Giving
The transformation of "The Dot Connects" into the Bridge program signifies a significant milestone for The Dot Corp. The expansion of the company's commitment from business relationships to community partnerships showcases a deep-rooted dedication to fostering positive change. By encouraging employees to volunteer and contribute to charitable causes, The Dot is building bridges that connect hearts, lives, and communities in meaningful ways. Through the Bridge program, The Dot Corp is not just a business entity; it's a catalyst for change, an enabler of connection, and a beacon of hope in the communities it serves.