At The Dot, we know that outsourcing to a trusted partner is essential to company growth. Once you identify your core competencies, you can give the outliers to partners who’s core competencies are the ones you just can’t handle. It’s a win-win solution.

The Challenge:
A growing apparel company was doing their own in-house fulfillment. But as the company expanded, management and staff needed more time to design and market new products. They needed to outsource their fulfillment to a local company that could support their growing business.

The Solution:
The Dot steps in and helps give birth to the apparel company’s new way of doing business. The Dot handles receiving, inventory management, daily shipments and returns. Additionally, we support their ecommerce storefront and work with them to overcome the hurdles inherent in that process. As with all our clients, we create a true partnership that brings growth and success to both companies.