Welcome to The DOT Healthcare Logistics located in Santa Ana, CA. We are at the forefront of the healthcare supply chain transformation, making wellness more accessible by bringing testing kits and devices straight to people’s homes.

Our healthcare compliant facility operates 12 independent production lines and distributes in excess of 20,000 kits a day with a full range of services including kitting, pick-pack-ship, inventory management, and delivery tracking. We offer same day kit fulfillment with an onsite FedEx operations team and Daily USPS delivery. Our clients receive real time reporting as to when their products will arrive to patients, dr offices, labs or hospitals.

Our mission is to support your mission to improve the lives of our shared members and patients. We understand the challenges and complexities of the healthcare supply chain. Our in-house value add services - including print, direct mail, custom packaging and website creation- allow us to construct creative solutions to the unique challenges of every client.

In a world disjointed and disrupted, The DOT connects. We connect patients with your life saving products,  providing them the wellness and healthcare they deserve. Come work with us. Come join the transformation.