Client: Black Ink

At The Dot, we offer scalable solutions for our clients’ growing businesses. One such client, Black Ink, is a retail stationery and gift shop in Pacific Palisades. The owner, Patti Black, commissioned The Dot to print luxury notepads in 2013, and since then we have become an integral part of the company’s growth.

The Challenge:
When Patti Black approached The Dot, she was looking for a way to make her notepads and stationery stand out. The Dot researched paper options and recommended an incredibly luxurious and thick stock.  Patti loved them and her signature Luxe Pads were born.

The size of the Luxe Pads posed unique challenges. The thick paper stock caused the binding to break as well as the shrink wrapped material the pads were shipped in.

The Solution:
The Dot implemented cheesecloth binding at the top of all Luxe Pads. This prevented breakage at the top. The Dot also switched to thicker shrink wrap material. Now, the Luxe Pads arrive at their destination in pristine condition. While other companies may have simply said “no” to such a thick notepad, The Dot understood the importance of that unique product and found solutions that enhance the quality and integrity of the product instead of taking away from it.

The Growth:
In 2019, The Dot took on the role of fulfillment and distribution for Black Ink. Not only are we printing the Luxe Pads, we are storing them, along with other products, and distributing them to other retailers who have partnered with Black Ink. As Black Ink continues to grow, we continue to expand our services and solutions to support Patti Black’s business goals and objectives.

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