At The Dot Corp, our greatest asset isn't just our innovative products or services; it's our people. We take pride in nurturing careers that span decades, fostering an environment where dedication is rewarded and talent flourishes.

Overview of Retention Statistics:
• Senior Managers: Average tenure of 24.8 years
• Managers: Averaging 18.7 years
• Staff Members: Averaging 8.8 years
• Long-term Employees: 44 employees with over 19 years, accounting for 31.2% of the total staff

We recognize that the cornerstone of our success lies in our people—the invaluable asset that propels us forward. Our remarkable retention rates aren't just numbers; they represent the bedrock of a stable workforce steeped in deep institutional knowledge and unwavering expertise.
The longevity of our employees isn't merely a measure of time; it's a testament to the wealth of experience cultivated within our walls. With an average tenure of nearly two and a half decades among our senior managers, and close to two decades among our managers, our teams boast an unparalleled depth of understanding. This accumulated wisdom doesn’t just reside in manuals or databases; it's ingrained in our culture, guiding every decision and innovation.
The Dot Corp isn't just a workplace; it's a culture that embodies loyalty, commitment, and shared values. Our unique culture fosters an environment where individuals don't just come to work; they come to belong. We celebrate diversity, champion inclusivity, and create a supportive atmosphere where every voice is heard and respected. Values alignment isn’t just a concept here; it is a lived experience.
We recognize that our success isn’t defined solely by products or services; it’s defined by the people who pour their heart and soul into making us more than just a workplace—it's a family. Together, we continue to script a story of resilience, growth, and shared accomplishments.