At The Dot, we believe that marketing isn’t just about getting a message out there, it’s about getting the right message to the right audience.

The Challenge
Mary Lou Rodgers is a successful luxury real estate agent in San Diego who uses direct mail to market to a specific neighborhood, or farm. She worked with a direct mail agency for one year, mailing once a month. After 12 mailings she had only received 1 listing.

The Solution
When Mary Lou came to The Dot, she was looking for an agency that would not only mail for her, but could help her craft an effective message. Our Design division created postcards with a custom brand that uniquely represented Mary Lou, as well as a custom message that spoke directly to her target audience. Once the postcards were approved, the design, print and direct mail divisions worked together to deliver that message to Mary Lou’s farm.

After just 1 mailing Mary Lou got 1 listing, and after the second mailing she got 2 more listings. She tripled her results in just two mailings now does all her marketing with The Dot. To quote Mary Lou, “design and customization matter!”