Competition is very aggressive fighting for clients and Social Media is noisier than ever. These days if your marketing is not constantly evolving and your business is not providing a positive and memorable client service experience you will soon be forced to place the following sign: OUT OF BUSINESS.

Learn ‘why’ a well done Video Marketing could give you more clients and a healthy ROI (Return On Investment) AND ‘how' performing flawlessly Internal Marketing can increase your client retention.   These two marketing practices are imperative for entrepreneurs and small businesses with limited marketing dollars.

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What you can expect to takeaway from this presentation:

  • Humans are incredibly visual creatures, which is why people are 85% more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video.
  • Usually, small businesses/entrepreneurs (with limited marketing dollars) use amateur sources for their video creation & marketing tactics. These resources are not always trained in how to make “marketing" videos and activities with the best way possible for them to get you clients and a high return on your investment.
  • A referral and positive word-of-mouth are the best compliments for any business! This is why Internal Marketing is critical to making sure your clients’ touch-points are implemented flawlessly because if you do not take care of your clients your competition will…gladly!

Please join us for this month's seminar on the 20th of March

The lunch & learn will be held at
1801 S. Standard Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92707
Space is limited to the first 50 to register and you must register in advance

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Our speaker for this event: José L. Castañeda

José L. Castañeda

As a business coach, Castañeda offers Strategic Marketing Consultant Services for Local businesses to help them ignite client acquisition and retention through marketing, advertising and sales activities, with an emphasis on Latino | Social Media | Retail.

Previously, Castañeda worked as Chief Marketing Officer & Spokesperson for Fiesta Auto Insurance & Taxes Franchise Corporation. During his time with Fiesta, Castañeda considerably increased new client acquisition and retention rates, as well as, grew franchise sales units. During 2001 to 2010, Castañeda worked as Divisional Marketing Manager for H&R Block, responsible for all

Local marketing, advertising and sales initiatives for 900+ retail office locations (Corporate and Franchise) throughout the West Coast. Created, implemented and championed winning Local marketing activities, such as but not limited to street level experiential marketing, broadcast productions, sales promotions, grand openings, social media, traditional media, merchandising, cross-promotional partnerships and Latino marketing.

Castañeda joined The Disneyland Resort in 1995 as a Consultant for the Product Development Department, focusing on the Local Hispanic business sector. Shortly afterwards, he became an official Cast Member (employee) as Senior Marketing Representative, in charge of sales opportunities for the Resort with an emphasis on The Walt Disney Travel Company and Convention Sales by targeting the U.S. Hispanic market. In 1998, Castañeda was promoted to Senior Manager of Strategic Brand Management Multicultural Marketing.

In 2001, Castañeda received the prestigious Walt Disney-Mickey Mouse Award, due to his essential contribution to the creation, development and launch of the “first” Spanish language website ( for the Walt Disney Company. Castañeda is a member of the Disney Institute, Orange County Real Estate Association and Latin Business Association. A native of Lima, Perú, Castañeda is a graduate of the University of Lima, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Advertising. He operated his own advertising agency in Lima, for seven years, prior to moving to the United States in 1984.

Our Local Orange County Non-profit will be : Jennifer’s Cancer Curing Journey

This website is dedicated to all the people who have been affected by cancer, and especially to the cancer patients who are fighting cancer right now, and their families. My heart is with you.

When my mother was fifteen years old, her mother, Eileen, was diagnosed with cancer, and passed away a year later. I never got to meet grandma Eileen, yet she has impacted my life in so many ways. One of my favorite things to do is bake. I learned how to bake from my mother using grandma Eileen’s cookbooks and original recipes. Every time we baked, my mother would tell me stories about grandma Eileen. We would laugh, we would be sad, and I always wondered what it would have been like to have grandma Eileen there with us. There I was with my mother baking chocolate chip cookies, just as my mother was with her mother in the past. As years went by, I hated cancer for taking away grandma Eileen. I hated cancer for taking away the mother of a sixteen-year-old teenager. I hated cancer for robbing my mother from so many memories. I just hated the word cancer.

I want to see cancer completely eradicated. It won’t happen in one day, but it will happen! Join me on my journey to cure cancer.

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