We get it, nobody likes a braggart. But we also know that if you are considering The DOT as a print and direct mail partner, you probably have some questions about specific certifications we have that make us qualified to take on your project. So we want to take just a minute to discuss some specific certifications that we have and that we think are important to you.

G7 Certified means we print consistent, repeatable work with precise color matching capabilities and we are able to do so efficiently. Our knowledgeable staff is able to anticipate many color issues and run color tests so appropriate adjustments to art files can be made.

HITRUST Certified means we EXCEED HIPAA data security standards. Our HITRUST certification comes after several audits of our online and offline security systems. To learn more about our certification visit our website https://www.thedotcorp.com/hitrust/

FSC Certified means we are able to use and sell FSC mix and FSC recycled paper. It is also a symbol of our overall commitment to sustainability.

If you have questions about a specific certification, email [email protected]. You can also reach out to schedule a call with a solutions specialist.