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What does a business have to do to be part of Informed Delivery?

Nothing. When you send a mailing campaign with pieces that are letter size, your piece will automatically be scanned and show up in the emails, dashboards and mobile apps of all recipients signed up for Informed Delivery. There is no change to mail processing operations with Informed Delivery.

Can a business enhance their Informed Delivery listing?

Yes, with an Interactive Campaign. Interactive Campaigns allow you to submit full color ride along images, a short call to action, and a website link. All of these will appear in the recipients Informed Delivery email, dashboard and mobile app. Interactive Campaigns drive action and increase the impression your direct mail piece is making.

How can a business start an Informed Delivery Interactive Campaign?

The DOT Direct is ready to help you get started! We can create a ride along image, and call to action that matches your mailing piece. We can also submit these, along with the link you provide, to USPS when we mail your campaign.

To get started, reach out to your DOT Direct account rep, or contact Bill Rivera at 949-474-1100 ext 255 or [email protected]