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Informed Delivery is a new way for businesses that send direct mail to reach customers. It integrates hardcopy mail and digital marketing, providing multiple impression and interactivity for your customers.

Businesses don't have to do anything to participate in Informed Delivery. All letter-sized mailpieces are scanned and emailed to recipients who have signed up for Informed Delivery. However, business can enhance their Informed Delivery listings with an Interactive Campaign.

When participating in an Interactive Campaign, business can provide a full color ride along image, a short call to action, and a website link. All three will show up in the Informed Delivery email. This provides a digital path for consumers to interact with you IN ADDITION to the tactile experience of direct mail.

Informed Delivery and Interactive Campaigns are FREE services. If you mail with The DOT, we can create a ride along image and call to action for you Interactive Campaign.* Talk to your DOT Direct sales rep, or call Bill Rivera at 949-474-1100 or email [email protected]

*A nominal fee may apply for the creation of ride along image.