At The DOT, we believe corporate citizenship includes actions and policies that protect and improve the environment. Because of this, we prioritize sustainability as we make operational decisions. It’s seen in our everyday habits of recycling paper, plates, oil based inks and rags. It’s also seen in major decisions, such as the one to move some of our teams into a virtual environment which reduced vehicle emissions and eliminated energy consumption for an entire office space.

Our print machines have some of the biggest environmental impacts, and as we make decisions about new equipment, we are choosing those that reduce our carbon footprint. All of our new print investments have been directed towards inkjet technology which uses water based inks, reduces paper waste and consumes less energy.

The use of paper and packing materials is a significant environmental concern. For many years the print industry as a whole, and The DOT in particular, have worked hard to create sustainable solutions for paper usage.  We are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified meaning that none of the paper we use comes from protected rainforests anywhere in the world. We also recycle paper and corrugated waste in house to create packing material that greatly reduces our use of bubble wrap and plastic packing peanuts. We often create custom boxes that perfectly fit the items inside, therefore reducing wasted materials.

As we make these decisions towards environmental sustainability, our focus is not on a political agenda or virtue signaling, but on working with our partners to sustain the world we live in for years to come. If you have any questions about our operations or suggestions on how we can reduce our carbon footprint even further, let us know [email protected].