Trade Shows are back! Our sales staff has been excited to go back to trade shows and in person networking events, and we’re sure you are as well. But it has been a minute, and before you head out, you need to do an inventory check and make sure you have everything you need to successfully promote yourself.

Business Cards
Make sure you are fully stocked so you can freely pass them out. Since there will be lots of business cards flying around that day, consider making yours stand out with a specialty paper, like 38pt triple thick. Or a specialty finish like spot UV, raised foil, or painted edges.

You will want something that summarizes who your company is, what you do and how you solve problems or meet a need. We recommend this being a simple two sided ½ page flyer, as opposed to a brochure. People will be getting a lot of marketing materials at the tradeshow and if your brochure is too long, it's likely to be ignored.

These are all the fun takeaways you hand out with your logo on it, i.e. stickers, buttons, decals, push pull helpers, etc. It’s important that all of these items are branded to your company so that weeks after the event, when the recipient reaches for that pen or sees the sticker on their water bottle, they remember your company.

Retractable Floor Banners
These are great for grabbing people’s attention and bringing them over to your booth. These banners should have one clear message concisely communicated with stunning visuals. These come in a variety of sizes and with different hardware options.

Tabletop Signs
Once people approach your booth, tabletop signs are a great way to communicate in more detail about who you are, what you do, and how you solve a problem or need. Typically, tabletop signs are 8.5”x11” or 11”x17.”

Step and Repeat Banners
These are particularly useful for creating photo ops at large booths. These banners show a logo, or several logos, repeated throughout the entire banner. There is no messaging, just solid brand awareness with a focus on the company logo. We can create a variety of sizes with different mounting solutions.

Life Size CutOuts
Another fun photo op is with a life size cutout. Create something relevant to your brand and set it up so passersby can snap a quick pic. Take it a step further and offer them an incentive to post the pic on their social media accounts, tag your company and help spread awareness for your brand.

Ready to gear up? The DOT Corp can print and design all of these items for you. Reach out to your account rep, or email [email protected]