The DOT Corp was recently featured as one of 7 “fast track” companies by trade publication Printing Impressions, based on revenue growth. As part of the feature, CEO Bruce Carson spoke with senior editor Dan Marx about the importance of The DOT’s value add services.

You can view the interview here:

In the interview, Carson discusses the importance of value add services to the longevity and continued success of The DOT. While The DOT started as a print only company in 1980, it is now a full service solutions company offering value add services in direct mail, fulfillment and distribution, digital apps, large format and design. Fulfillment and distribution is now the main source of revenue for the company, bringing in around 70% of profit in 2021.

What motivated The DOT to take a risk on these added services, and how have they been so successful?

“Our greatest asset is our client base,” said Carson. “As we looked to grow the business, we asked our clients what they needed. It wasn’t up to us to sell them on what we did as much as find out what their needs were.”

This philosophy has allowed The DOT to pivot and adapt to a constantly changing business landscape.

Another secret to success? “We’ve got business in our veins,” explains Carson. “We are more interested in business than ink on paper.” When executed, this philosophy has resulted in The DOT leadership being willing to think outside the box, and act on opportunities that weren’t strictly print.

“We are a culture that embraces change,” Carson says in the interview. "The entrepreneurial spirit of The DOT, the willingness to say 'yes' to so many different opportunities, has served us well."

In addition to being identified as a fast track company, The DOT Corp was also listed on the 2021 Printing Impressions 300, the trade publication’s list of the 300 biggest printers in the USA and Canada. We ranked in the top 100, coming in at 77, which was quite a jump from our ranking as 129 in the 2020 list.

The list is based off of total sales for the previous calendar year. We reported $60.3M, up from $33.1M the previous year.

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