In 2021, The DOT Corp held its third annual Holiday Giving Campaign. The campaign started in 2019 when we decided that, in lieu of client gifts, we would donate to a local charity. The following year, we invited clients to choose a charity and we made a donation to that organization in their name. We continued that tradition this year and we enjoyed receiving so many responses and seeing which charities meant something special to our clients.

How does the campaign work?
We create a list of 3 charities with which to partner. We choose the charities based on the suggestions of our leadership team. We strive to cover a variety of different missions, and we always vet the charities to make sure they are reputable. In some cases, we have worked with the charity directly and in others, we have no connection.

Then, we email our clients and let them know that we are making a donation in their name as a holiday gift. We ask them which of the 3 charities they would like a donation made too.

Once the votes are tallied, we cut the checks and submit the names!

Why do a giving campaign?
We invite our clients to join us in the giving campaign because they are the reason we have money to give. And we give, because we believe our success means nothing if we don’t share it. The charities we give to are doing work that we believe is truly invaluable, and it's a privilege to play a very small part in that mission with a donation.

Where do donations go?
Below are the charities we chose in 2021. We’ve noted what percentage of our donation went to each charity (based on responses from our clients). We encourage you to learn more about them, and keep them on your radar as you consider giving throughout the year.  

Orange County Rescue Mission (50%) - Provides direct relief to individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Orange County. As a local charity, many of our employees and clients are familiar with their work and have directly interacted with them in some capacity. They are an organization we trust, doing amazing work in our surrounding communities, and one we are proud to partner with.  

VCA Charities (25%) - Supports organizations and programs that help pets in need. We have employees that have worked directly with VCA Charities and appreciate the organization’s hard work, commitment and integrity. Also, we just really really love puppies!

NAMI (25%) -  The National Alliance on Mental Illness provides advocacy, education, support and public awareness so that all individuals and families affected by mental illness can build better lives. NAMI was a new charity we partnered with for the 2021 campaign. We wanted to contribute to a charity that focused on mental health, as we know the last two years have wreaked havoc on almost everyone’s mental health. NAMI has national reach with specialized local impact.

Thanks to our clients who not only participated in the Holiday Giving Campaign, but who made the campaign possible by doing business with us in 2021. Looking forward to our continued partnership in 2022!