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Nothing replaces the tactile value of hardcopy mail, but with Informed Delivery Interactive Campaigns, businesses can easily respond to consumers' increasing desire to interact and communicate digitally with everything, including their mail.

When businesses create an Interactive Campaign, they receive campaign insights that show

  • Density and Email Statistics. The number of users and the percentage of users who elect to receive Informed Delivery emails.
  • Open Rates. The number and percentage of emails opened during a campaign.
  • Click-Throughs. The number and percentage of click-throughs - when a user interacts with digital content.

On top of all the reasons listed above, participating in an Interactive Campaign is easy and free.* To get started, talk to your DOT Direct account rep or contact Bill Rivera at 949-474-1100 ext 255 or [email protected]

*A nominal fee may be charged by The DOT for the creation of images and calls to action.